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কোর্স কন্টেন্ট

কোর্স কন্টেন্ট


Course Contents
Serial No. Course Title Download
1. APA Performance Monitoring, Evaluation & Related Topics Download
2. Material Engineering Codes and Standards Download
3. Taxation and VAT Management Download
4. Public Procurement Act 2006 & PPR  Download
5. Project Management Download
6. Handling of Disciplinary cases and Conducting Departmental Inquiry Download
7. Gas Pipeline Welding and Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Download
8. Storage, Handling and Maintenance of POL Products and Aircraft Refueling Download
9. Plant Operation and Maintenance Download
10 Financial Management (Auditing and Budgeting) Download

Occupational, Safety, Health & Environmental Management

12. Inventory Control and Store Management Download
13. Gas Network Analysis Download
14. Fire Fighting, First Aid and Rescue Operation Download
15. Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Gas Pipeline Download
16. Corrosion Control and Cathodic Protection Download
17. Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Download
18. Supply Chain Management Download
19. Good Governance & Human Resourced Management Download
20. Office Management Download
21. Labour Law and Human Rights Download


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